4 years ago now, I discovered the rapper KT Rasta and I contacted him. I did my first interview (in video) with him. 4 years later, KT Rasta changed a lot, I did not lose contact with him and I wanted to know what he becoming, where he was in his projects and especially what he planned to do in the future. I’ve decided to did a second interview with this rapper from Chicago who is KT Rasta, at least, now rapper and actor.

In 2015, I did my first interview with you and now I think some things have changed, so we going to see where you are now but first, for the people who don’t know you, you can introduce you?

Yeah it’s been a minute bro haha and it’s ya Boy KT Rasta coming live from Chicago. ?

When you start the rap? There was a reason to start the rap? or it was by passion? You can remember the first time you wrote a song? You can describe it to us?

I started doing music rapping without the beat (instrumental) just writing on paper. Then I begin rapping over other people songs and started remixing their music. The first time I rapped was as a kid I stole my friend’s song to battle rap against someone and then I started writing my own music once I saw I liked it. My first song was a short rap I wrote in my old notebook as a kid. It wasn’t much compared to my songs now but I saw the potential and kept going. 

Musically and personally, what are your biggest influences? And who influenced your style?

Lil Wayne is the greatest to me (besides myself haha) and I also like Meek Mill, Lil Durk, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Future, Tupac and Biggie Smallz. 

With your music “Rondo” (who is one of your best song), how would you describe your own style?

Rondo was a hit record and I’m thankful to have almost 2 hundred thousand views that’s a blessing in disguise. I would describe my style as Trap-Rockstar. I’m from the Chicago streets where we sold drugs but I also have a RockStar side of me where I go crazy and say f*ck everything around me lol.

When you write the lyrics, what are your main inspirations? What are you thinking about?  

When I write my lyrics I think about my pain and struggles that I have faced in this tough life where the only way to eat is to do violent illegal things or to go to College, which is hard if you can not stay focused in a crazy neighborhood. I think about my dead relatives and friends who lost their lives trying to become badder people in life for their family which saddens me and makes me angry. I also think about the different girlfriends and homies from my past who betrayed me and left me behind. I also think about the good things like the nice cars, clothes, and Great places I have been in my life and all of the fun parties I have been to. I wake up in my neighborhood and walk outside and it’s like a real life movie in front of my face so I have plenty to rap about you know. 

I see you did some live performance with some known rappers (like Yo Gotti), have you performed out of Chicago?

Yes I have performed in California before and other states. I love performing it’s always an amazing feeling. 

I see you put your lil brother (DNext) by your side and same with the rapper “Famous Nitro”, you got some projects together?

Yes Dnext is my blood brother and also YMC Nitro as well. We all have songs together that go hard.

Now it’s known, you played in some series like Shameless as small role but can you explain more to us about where does this passion come from? You could consider becoming an actor? You received some proposals or not yet? 

Yes I have played in the TV Series like Shameless, Empire, Chicago PD, The Chi and also a new Movie on Netflix called Beats. I always wanted to be an actor when I retired from music but I ended up doing acting and music at the same time which was good. I have received many proposals to sign with labels and also be main actors on shows but they aren’t paying me enough haha. Maybe soon though I will do it for my family, friends and fans. 

Back to the music, you released a mixtape in 2018, you got a new project on the way? Some projects you never said and that you could tell us? 

Yes I released a project in 2017 called “The World Is Mines” and also a project in 2018 called “Legendary”. Both mixtapes are available on all mixtape platforms like Spinrilla, MyMixtapez and SoundCloud. I also have music videos to every song on Youtube and songs on Apple Music and Tidal. I have a couple of mixtapes on the way such as “Summer Time Vibes”, “Tha Rasta”, “Legendary Part 2” and “Mud Brothers” with my brother DNext and YMC Nitro. 

Who do you want to work with in the future? And do you work at the moment with some rappers (other than DNext and Famous Nitro)?

I want to work with Meek Mill, Lil Durk, Lil Wayne, G Herbo, Rick Ross, Drake, Young Thug, Future, Nicki Minaj and Migos

In your opinion, who is the most influential and successful artist in Chicago today and why? And in the rap game?

In my opinion the most successful artist from Chicago is Kanye West because he has more money and fame. But the most influential is Chief Keef because he changed the game and never looked back. 

You can describe us how you see the Chicago rap scene now? You think have enough support in your city?

Right now I see Chicago as being one of the most influential people in the world because the whole Industry wants to be like us and copy our styles. I have alot of support in my city but I receive more love from people and fans across the world and in other states which is crazy but it’s true. 

If you had a message to give to your fans, what would it be?

My message would be: always be yourself, keep faith in God Almighty, love and protect your family, keep it real with the people around you and stay away from bad energy and people who dislike you or want to be you. Also chase your dreams and stay focused no matter what. Never let someone distract you from your dreams and be great all the time. 

And if you want s/o someone or your people you can ?

S/O to my brothers/artists: DNext, YMC Nitro, Kenny Finesse, ABG Skketer, King J, Boss Freak, Neal Montana and also my whole ABG/CPT family. We lit !! ??? And also S/O my new artist EK Almighty Glizzy! and thank God for blessing me! ??

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