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Rapper NoGood Loso is a known rapper from Chicago. He was already present when the drill exploded in the world. But soon after, the rapper was arrested and locked up for a murder. He recently beat his murder case and now he’s back with ambitions and some projects. So thank you to the rapper NoGood Loso for his time and this interview, I let you with the interview.

So, for the people who don’t know you yet, can you introduce yourself? and what does the « NoGood » mean in front of your name?

I’m from Chicago, Illinois. We call it ChiRaq. The “NoGood” before my name come from the streets, that’s the squad plus our lifestyle.

Can you tell us when you started the music and how? when you was younger and now, who inspired you? what are your biggest influences and your main inspirations?

I first started music officially in 2011 but I been rapping since I was I kid. I was never good at sports that wasn’t me. I seen my first rap video that caught my eye, “Lil Wayne – Block is Hot”. I wanted to be a rapper. I grew up listening to: Dipset, 50 Cent back wen he was hot, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane (the whole 1017 Bricksquad), Yo Gotti, Future, Meek Mill, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and alot of people. I can’t say who influenced me because it ain’t just one person. Streets shit as a whole influenced me, that’s speaking on rap shit and non related rap shit. I just liked music and everything about music going through different things in life help me continue to make music. My main inspiration is my family and fans taking care of them thats it.

We can say it, you are a pillar in the drill music in Chicago, we known you with your songs « Psycho », « Danger Zone Freestyle », « Goin In For The Kill Freestyle » and more. So, how you started this style of music?

I started my style just off the top of the head, I was high as hell and I just started flowing. You gotta have sauce to do shit like that. I always been confident every since I made my first song in grammar school for a talent show.

How you working on a song? what are your steps?

The steps I use to make a song is simple: I talk about my life like what I’m going through or how I been feeling I make my memories rhyme.

In 2013, you released a mixtape called « EA Olympics » with 16 musics, it was your first project and currently your only one. On this mixtape, you worked with Gino Marley, DJ Kenn and NoGood Laro. Tell us how you worked on this mixtape?

The mixtape I dropped in 2013 “EA Olympics” (available here) was put together for me while I was fighting my murder case. Basically I had a lot of work piled on my computer that I haven’t released and I had my team distributed it to my fans through

A few years after, you was arrested and locked up. You have been away for a few years but now you back and that’s cool. But, how did you live your prison sentence? you wrote some musics in prison? you was confident for your release from prison?

I spent my time locked up staying prayed up. Somedays was harder than others. I did what I had to maintain fights robberies, riots against the police and all that shit. I stayed solid through all the bullshit. Sometimes, I ain’t think I was gone come home, most of the time I just took it one day at a time, calling my family and writing raps that’s what helped me get through it.

I think you’re back with ambitions and some projets. Now, you are free, what are your future projects? I saw that you released some musics since your release, you have some hot songs on the way? concretely, what are you going to do now?

I got a lot of projects on the way but for right now, I’m feeding the streets song after song. « Sleep Wen I’m Dead » the mixtape gone be here early 2020.

You saw both facets of the drill music in Chicago, before your incarceration and now, since you free. For you, the rap in Chicago changed? like, what is your opinion now on the rap in Chicago? it was better before?

The rap scene in Chicago better than it was before I was incarcerated. We like the new Atlanta, only thing is everyone rap now, so you gotta do something to separate yo self, so you be looked at like the next person.

A lot of fans waiting for your come back, you must also be impatient for your come back too, what is the first thing you did when you was released?

First thing I did when I was released was get some food, some pussy, then went to the studio.

Even if some rappers succeed, with the gangwar in Chicago, you think that it’s harder to succeed in Chicago than a city like Atlanta or New-York? and despite this gangwar in Chicago, you think you have enough support from your city and people around you? how do you see the chicago rap scene now?

I do think the gang violence make it hard for some rappers to succeed because it’s street shit first then rap shit second. It’s blood in them streets and rap shit can’t clean it up. It ain’t what you do it’s how you do it. Where I’m from, in my city we got a lot of hate same time we got a lot of love. I feel like the streets gone fuck with me no matter what because I’m real.

You work with some producers? if yes, who? and do you accept the beats from any beatmaker? maybe some producers are interested to work with you. And, if you could work with a producer of your choice, who would it be?

All the producers I worked with is: C-Sick, BigRee, Jay Sitchy and I got something coming with Deezy that’s just to name a few. I accept beats from any producer they shit gotta be fire though. I want to work with 808 Mafia, Metro Boom, No ID and DJ Mustard.

You released a freestyle called « Ova East » and « Cell Break » with a video for this one, you wrote these musics in prison?

I wrote « Cell Break » and « Ova East » incarcerated .

For you, who is the best rapper currently in your country?

Best rapper right now to me is Meek Mill, hands down.

If you could say something to your fans, what would it be?

To all my fans who reading this from America to France, stay tune I got something for y’all. All my loyal fans, I love y’all because y’all ain’t never count me out.

And you got the last word. Thank you again bro for this interview.

Free The Gang.

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